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Frequently asked questions


When do I have to make payments?

If you book direct, we require a 20% deposit or £100  (whichever is greater) to make a booking. The balance is then due no less than 6 weeks prior. The security deposit can be paid any time up until 2 weeks prior. 

If you book via a 3rd party (i.e. TripAdvisor or HomeAway) you will make payments as per the schedule set out on that website.

Can I make part payments?

For bookings made direct with us, once you've paid your deposit (see above) you are welcome to make regular payments if easier for you. However, full and final payment must still be received no less than 6 weeks before you are due to arrive. 

How can I pay?

If booking direct, the simplest and easiest way is for you to make direct payment(s) into our bank account and we can receive payments in Sterling (£) and Euros (€).

We can accept payments via PayPal but Guests must ensure we receive the full amounts due. If there is any charge / commission fees Guests must pay these.

We can accept cheques but these must be received at least 7 days before payment is normally to allow us to bank it and for payment to clear.

Will you remind me to pay?

As much as possible we try and remind Guests about a week before a payment is due. However, it is your responsibility to remember to pay and so you should put a reminder in your diary or calendar.

If Guests fail to make required payments then they run the risk of having their booking cancelled. We will of course make every effort to contact you before doing this but should we not be able to then we may be left with no choice but to cancel so we can offer the dates to other prospective Guests. So if change any of your contact details (email, phone, etc.) then please let us know.

If you do book via a 3rd party then while we will try and advise you, so will the website. Therefore, again if you change contact details you should update your information with the website.

Security deposit

What does a security deposit cover?

In short, it is how we protect ourselves from any unexpected costs we (or our key-holders) incur as a result of you renting our property. 

This could be repairing or replacing something that was damaged or covering higher than expected utility costs. It also covers things such as losing or damaging any keys or the property requiring a more extensive clean than normal to prepare it for our next Guests.

You should also note that smoking is not allowed inside the property; this is for your safety and the comfort of future Guests. If it is apparent smoking has occurred inside the property (we allow it on the roof solarium) then your deposit will be retained in full.

What is a ‘refundable utility charge’?

For some bookings NOT made with us directly, there is a separate utility charge which is purely to cover utility costs. For other bookings, this is included within the security deposit. As long as the amount of electricity / water is roughly what we’d expect you to use, this will be refunded in full.

When will I get my security deposit / refundable utility charge back?

If you book with us direct, it is typically no more than 3-4 days but could be up to 10 days; we can’t refund until the property has been cleaned / inspected. In most cases this is within 1-2 days, if not the same day but there may be occasions when the property isn’t fully cleaned for a few days.

If you book via another website, sometimes they hold the security deposit. We then have up to 7 days to register any reason to make a claim against the deposit (if we do you’ll be notified); as long as we don’t then you will then get your deposit put onto the card you paid with.

If we’ve physically received your deposit / utility charge then we will return this to you within no more than 10 days, probably less, by bank transfer and to do this we will need your bank account details.

How strict are you with security deposit / refundable utility charge?

Ideally we want to give you all of your money back as no-one likes unexpected costs, including us. We appreciate people being honest with us so if you do break or damage something, tell our key-holders or us so we know, rather than hoping we don’t realise, which may impact on future Guests.

If you let us know you’ll find we are a lot more relaxed and more willing to let things go but if you don’t then we will be much more strict. Honesty is always the best policy!

With regards to utility costs, again we don’t want to retain any money. However, as at home, utility costs, particularly electricity, are very high. We’ve tried to buy energy efficient appliances and will continue to make the apartment as energy efficient as we can when we replace things such as light bulbs. But we need you to play your part.

The major running cost is the air con (for heat in winter, cool air in warmer months) and unfortunately some Guests leave it on even when they aren’t inside, taking the view that because it is included in the cost, they can.

We hope by telling you what you the maximum we expect you to use - and you’re welcome to keep an eye on the meters yourself -that you will either limit your use or if you want to use more, you do so knowing that you will have to pay extra. The alternative is that we simply charge more to all Guests but this seems unfair to us.

Cancellations / change of dates

What if I have to cancel?

Let us know immediately! If you booked with us direct then we use a sliding scale to work out what you will be refunded and this is detailed in the rental agreement we send you.

If you book via another website then as well as letting us know you may need to inform the website also (this is detailed on booking confirmation they send you along with instructions). 

In the first instance, contact us and we’ll advise what steps you need to take to cancel and get any refunds you are entitled to.

For bookings made via a 3rd party, again the website's cancellation policy will apply. 

What if I have to change dates?

Again, let us know a.s.a.p. and if we can change your dates we will and there aren’t any silly admin fees for doing so.

Obviously if the length of your stay changes then we may need to adjust the rental cost accordingly.

Should we not be able to accommodate your new dates then we’ll cancel your original booking and any refunds will be calculated as per the cancellation policy.

The above may only apply to direct bookings and if you've booked via a 3rd party there might be a charge levied by the website, not us.

Arriving and departing

Who will meet us at the apartment?

Our local key-holders who will have your contact telephone number and you will also have theirs.

While we advise them of an approximate time you are due to arrive at the apartment (based on your scheduled arrival time and method of arrival) but it is your responsibility to confirm an arrival time. For example, we advise you to give them a call or send a text when leaving the airport.

Obviously if you’re delayed, pleased let them know a.s.a.p. otherwise they will go to the property at the time they expect you to arrive. If they end up having to wait a long time or perhaps go away and come back again, they may charge you.

Can we go straight into the apartment?

It will depend if we have Guests departing on the same day. If not, then you can take occupancy straight away but if we do then it could later in the day, e.g. from 14:30 onwards. 

If this is likely to be the case we will tell you and rest assured our key-holders will endeavour to get you in a.s.a.p. 

Even if you can’t take immediate occupancy it may be possible to drop your bags at the apartment so you don’t have to keep that with you.

What time will we have to vacate?

As above,  it will depend if we have Guests arriving the same day. 

If not, you’re welcome to stay until whatever time is convenient for you (and we don’t charge for a ‘late checkout’). 

However, if Guests are due to arrive, it may be necessary for you to vacate no later than 10:00 so the apartment can be cleaned and prepared.

The exact time t will be agreed with our key-holders when you arrive. They will then return at that time so you can hand over keys.

What is provided in the cost?

The property is self-catering and so while you can reasonably expect condiments and a few items to remain from previous Guests - we also endeavour to ensure there are a few toilet rolls so you can spend a penny! - you should expect to have to visit a shop on your first day.

If due to arrive either late at night or outside of the times shops might be open (e.g. during the winter months supermarkets may not be open on a Sunday) then we can arrange a welcome pack, for an additional cost, to tide you over.

Water, electricity, TV, Wi-Fi and air-con etc. are all covered by the standard rental cost. However, please note if you use a much higher than expected amount of water and/or electricity than we expect given the number of people stopping, length of stay and time of year, we may retain some of your security deposit to cover the extra costs we incur.

We also don’t directly charge you for the post-rental clean, which is payable on arrival although if you want to pay it via us then you can.

Similarly, if you have a welcome pack or we’ve arranged airport transfers for you these are normally paid in person. While these aren’t our charges, should you fail to pay for any services you’ve asked us to arrange then we may recover these costs from your security deposit.

Cleaning / Points of contact

How often will the property be cleaned?

As this is a self-catering property, the apartment is only scheduled to be cleaned after you leave. However, if you wish to pay extra and have it cleaned more often, this can be arranged.

Otherwise you are responsible for keeping it clean and tidy. If you want fresh bed linen and towels then we have spares and you should use the washing machine to clean what you’ve already used as our cleaners should only have to clean one set of bed linen per bed used.

What do we need to clean / tidy before we leave?

Our cleaner will complete a ‘standard’ clean which includes a general, basic clean of the property and washing bed linen, towels, etc. Therefore, we suggest you do a general tidy and clean so that only a standard clean is needed.

In the end, we hope Guests will apply common sense; if you make a mess, clean up after yourself. If you use the oven, hob, microwave, pots and pans, etc then please clean them. We don’t expect you to a big spring clean but simply spend a few minutes every day, as you would do at home, or put aside an hour or so before you depart.

If the apartment be left in a condition that needs our cleaners to spend longer than normal to get it ready for our next Guests, they will charge us for the extra time and we will in turn pass this onto you by retaining the necessary amount from your deposit.

What if something goes wrong?

Our local key-holder is your primary point of contact. If you get locked out or there is something wrong at the apartment, contact them first. They will respond and act depending on urgency (e.g. people locked out takes precedent over the TV not working).

If something needs repairing or replacing, if likely to significantly impact on your stay we’ll try and address during your stay. In some instances it is less inconvenience for you to wait until after you leave.

You will also have our contact details and if you can’t get hold of our key-holders or you aren’t satisfied with the outcome, you should contact us. Obviously being based in the UK our ability to assist is limited but we’ll do what we can.

Calling out our key-holders may incur costs; if the problem is with the property and our contents then any charges will be passed onto us. However, if the issue is to do with Guests mis-use or error (i.e. getting locked out) then you will be charged.


Do you provide towels?

Yes but these are only bath and hand towels designed to be used in the apartment. You should bring your own beach towels for use at the beach / pool / on the roof solarium.

Do you provide bed linen?

Yes, all bed linen is provided.

Is there a hairdryer / iron?

Yes, there is a hairdryer and an iron (plus an ironing board of course).

Is smoking allowed?


The property is strictly no-smoking. This is for your safety and the comfort of future Guests. This is also a condition of our property insurance and tourist licence therefore even if no lasting damage as a result of smoking inside the apartment, we will retain in full, security deposits.

Smokers are welcome to do so on the roof solarium but are also expected to dispose of them in an ashtray, not on the floor. 

Is there a safe?

Yes, there is a safe for small items such as passports, money, phones, tablets, etc. We provide the safe for extra peace of mind but rest assured the apartment is very secure.

Are there sun loungers and umbrellas?

Yes, we typically have 4 loungers and then a couple of umbrellas. There is also a table and 4 chairs on the roof solarium so you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner al fresco.

Is there a BBQ?

Unfortunately, we've had to take the decision not to provide one anymore because Guests were not always cleaning it after they used it and we have had to continually replace them. 

Also, Guests were finding they had to clean the BBQ before they used it and this naturally they didn’t feel they should clean up after other people. 

Therefore, we now recommend that if Guests want to have a BBQ – and why wouldn’t you? – that they buy a disposable one instead and these are readily available from local shops.

Do you allow pets?

We’ll certainly consider it. If we allow there may be a slight surcharge in the rental cost and we may ask for a larger security deposit to cover the extra risk of your pets causing any damage. The cost of the post-rental clean may also be a little higher as it is reasonable to expect a little bit of extra cleaning.

If we do allow pets, we expect you to minimise the chances of any damage occurring or inconveniencing our neighbours. For example, if you have dogs, they shouldn’t left in the apartment for long periods leading to them getting distressed and so barking and/or causing damage.

In general, it’s worth remembering that what you allow your pets to do at home may not be appropriate for our apartment.