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Our pricing policy

Fair pricing

Rental costs are well priced but also fair. So, we don't put prices up specifically for school holidays. This means, as an example, if you go at Easter the rental costs are the same price as the rest of the month it falls in, similarly the Christmas / New Year period is the same as the rest of December and January that your holiday / vacation rental is in.

Prices reflect the length of stay, the time of year and the number of people staying; more people means extra electricity, water and wear & tear so it is only right a larger group should pay more than 2 people for the same dates. If your stay spans more than 1 'season' then the price will be adjusted to reflect this.

Rates are below and quoted in Sterling (£) but if you require a price in Euros (€) then we can calculate this for you based on the exchange rate at the time.

Please note prices for our property advertised on other websites may vary from above. This is because additional fees or costs may be added to the price advertised on those sites. However, it is our commitment that guests booking with us direct will never pay more than if they book via another website, and in most cases it will be less.

As you will see via the link below, we advertise our rates for 1 or 2 week bookings and you will see that if you do book for longer than a week there is a discount applied. However, if you aren't  booking for a standard 1 or 2 weeks, use the advertised rates as a guide but please get in touch for an exact cost.


Longer-term rentals (i.e. 3+ weeks)

If you are interested in renting for a longer period, then we will endeavour to offer you a rate that reflects this. During the quieter Winter, Autumn and early Spring months this is likely to be much more generous reduction than it would be for the busier months. 


Included in the price

... and what isn't

Wi-Fi is included in the price as is bedding and towels (for use within the apartment only). We don't make any specific charge for electricity or water but reserve the right to retain a proportion of your security deposit should you use above the standard amount based on the time of year (we advise you of this in advance so you can monitor this for yourself).

The price of the post-rental clean is excluded and is payable on arrival to our key-holder who will meet you on arrival. The costs are  70 € for up to 4 people  or 80 € if 5-6 people in your group.  

If you due to arrive after 22:00 or depart before 07:00 there may be an additional charge to reflect this. Details of this will be confirmed to you, please let us know a.s.a.p. if this is likely to apply to you.


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Property availability

You can check our current availability by clicking through to our listing on TripAdvisor and while you are there, check out the great reviews we've had.

Just remember to contact us directly via this website or via Facebook as bookings made through 3rd party websites incur booking and transaction charges for you and us; booking direct is likely to be cheaper!

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As well as some lovely reviews on TripAdvisor, we have also advertised on HomeAway for many years and also received some excellent, independently verified reviews that may be offer you further reassurance. 

However, don't forget if you wish to get in touch, it will be more cost effective to contact us directly. 



As you would probably expect, Facebook is also not only a great way for us to collect reviews but also an excellent way for us to connect with Guests.

Feel free to visit our Facebook page and perhaps give us a 'like' - we'd really appreciate it and it will allow us to stay connected to you.

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